Everyday I Write the Book:
A Bibliography of (Mostly) Academic
Work on Rock and Pop Music

Compilation ©

Gilbert B. Rodman
Department of Communication
University of South Florida
& Norma Coates
Department of Communication Arts
University of Wisconsin -- Madison

Revision 01.08

This bibliography began in the fall of 1988 as a project Gil undertook as a graduate research assistant to Larry Grossberg at the University of Illinois. It was updated on a fairly regular basis through August 1993, when the process of "bibliographing" was forced to take a backseat to serious "dissertating." Outside of some minor typographical corrections in a handful of entries and the "HTML-ifying" of the whole list, the bibliography as a whole remained untouched until early 1998, when Norma Coates was fooli------er, kind enough to offer her services as a co-conspirator (or, to use Mark Percival's description of us, a co-obsessive) for helping to bring the bibliography up to date and then helping to keep it up to date for the rest of her natural-born days.

There are a few eccentricities and caveats about the bibliography that should be noted here: This is, unavoidably, an unfinished and ongoing project. Not only does the publication of new work guarantee that this list is perpetually incomplete, but we're constantly "discovering" existing works that had previously escaped our attention. This bibliography, then, is only the current edition of a list that will be updated on a semi-regular basis (hopefully far more regularly, now that Norma's part of the team).

Gil would like to thank Linda Baughman, B. Lee Cooper, Michael Eidenmuller, Mark Fenster, Susan McClary, Chuck Payne, Greg Seigworth, Barry Shank, and Rob Walser for their helpful comments, suggestions, and bibliographic leads during the first phase of this project's life. Most especially, though, thanks go to Larry Grossberg, who not only supplied the original inspiration for this project, but was kind (and patient) enough to allow Gil to rummage through his files for many, many hours during the initial compilation process.
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